Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's ok. I did not get to shop for hari raya when I was still studying. And there's no reason I have to shop now, right?
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Wanna buy a something, but...
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Sakit Hati

Org tak sakitkan hati kau. Tapi kau pandai2 sakitkan hati sendiri? Bodoh (?) Nak muntah la.
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Merdeka

Malam ni sambut merdeka kat mana? Nak tgk bunga api. Tapi esok kerje la.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Accounting Class

Decide not to ponteng the first class because it's accounting. There a 2 class to join, A or B. I choose for 5 minutes and decide to join class B just to see shit face in the same class. Arghhh!
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Tema: Comel Giler (?)

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Ada skill?

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FOC movie tix

Was in Pavi yesterday after sending hamim to work. He was on half day yesterday. So I stay to wait and while waiting watch movie foc because farah arina is a temp there. Hamim join half way. Had buka puasa there @ my fav teppanyaki. Sedapnya!
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Shopaholic Baby

this supposed to be posted last 4 hours

* oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
the book is finally out *

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Berapa lama lagi?

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No Life..Really?

A friend of mine, Nani the green freak write in her post few months back about people who blog most of the time has no life? At least this is what I understand.
I have to dispute (terasa?), because nowadays I sometime write 2 post in a day simply because it's just as easy as writing sms. Hehe.
Nani aku nak nasi ayam! Chinese style! Cyber takde!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hari Raya & Moon Cake Open House

Me and one of my friend have been 'selected' by my other friends to be one of organizing committee for the event above. They suggested to me to be in charge on food and beverages for this event that we're exactly 1 month from today's date.
Basically, all staffs in Cyberjaya including contractors and supplier's company are invited to this makan2 session.
Since it is 2 in 1 celebration, we have to mix the menu but decide to allocate more for malay must have hari raya food. Our chinese friend said there's no special food to be serve except for moon cake.
Agreed on 1 caterer after discussion on health an safety issue. But we still need to do some inspection since we are catering for a large number of people including external parties.
There's a lot to be done. I need to choose menu, nego price, request sample and stuff like that! Get leaders to agree on the menu chosen. I hope I can settle and book it before month end. Scared that this caterer will be fully book if we wait near hari raya. Haih!!
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kejar Bas

Not sure whether the work load is decreasing nowadays or I am too fast.
This morning I have to kejar bas E1 from Putrajaya Sentral sampailah dekat Klinik Kesihatan.
I used to make my mother chase my school bus back in secondry. And she hate it so much, but she just keep quiet because she have to focus chasing the bus. In one week I will make her chase at least 1 day.
Today hamim chase his own bus and his face is exactly the same as my mother with all the focus and frown.
Soon after that, I receive I msg that say: "Hahaha. Br i tau knp mama u marah sgt bila dia kena kejar bus skolah u."
I hope I live in front of my kids skolah. I gotta feeling that it will all come back to me.
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I was not told what am I supposed to do. No schedule or plan. Now I'm trapped in the middle. Maybe I'm not suitable for all this!
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Potluck Berbuka

Look @ the food. That's only the balance. Burpp. And still eating watermelon. I'm bloated!
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Last Airbender

Zzzzzzz...owh, ok.
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Friday, August 20, 2010


Buka puasa. Haha my god.
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Shopping (for others), Window shopping (for me)

Having meeting now til 5 and cabut after that. Having buka puasa and shopping session with hamim and bro. Hopefully Ain Mumia ( best friend frm secondry) and sis can join us. Owh shit, haven't decide what to eat.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is my table. Quite plain rite? Can't wait to move to U-Village. Mgmt prepare few layout and showroom and we get the chance to choose which table and chair we prefer. Next year is few month away.
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I Missed!

I am so angry. I set alarm 430 to sahur but I don't knw what happened I hear no sound. Woke up almost 7. Call hamim and ask why he never wake me up? He said he dint wake up to study either. I missed sahur and hamim missed his morning coffee and revision and he missed 830 bus this morning. I missed my basement parking and late to work.
Thank god it's friday (TGIF?) and there not much of work load (usually). Gotta prepare for my weekend work. Bz bz bz. Ya have plot my cuti for Raya. It's Sept and I have a lot of cuti to spend.
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Skrg kat Saba' Cyberjaya. Dari pukul 6 tunggu meje. Kalo tak kempunan. Hamim sampai kat ERL Cyberjaya awal trus g Saba'. Dah order. My god lama lagi nak berbuka.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Berbuka Puasa

Last 2 day I cook chiken curry kampung style, the one with santan ya. Use half chiken but still can be share with 3 person including my Thai housemate, another housemate is vegetarian so can't offer her. I guess they don't really care bout the ayam, but more to the kuah. Still have balance which I ate during buka puasa yesterday. Sya, aku tak garang, see I cook and offer my hsemate sahur lagi.
Today gonna berbuka puasa with mama, baby, eh and mim @ Saba' Cyberjaya. Went to book table yesterday but booking is allowed only for buffet berbuka. It's first come first serve basis for ala carte. Buffet serve almost all item in the menu and it cost RM 35 per head?! which I won't pay just for us to eat arab food only. Besides my family only interested with the lamb and chicken kabsah.
Asked mim to take ERL today so he can join us for berbuka. I hope he can make it before 6 or else we won't get table.
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Email posting

Setting up my email posting. Hope this work.
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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Office

Arrive in office 7.21 and  now it's 7.40 in the morning and there's no one except me in 3rd floor right wing.
Night shift people has gone home. A bit scary. I thought Sha from IR come to office earlier than me, but wth? where is she today? Overslept?

Today is the 7th day of Ramadhan and I havent got my chance to go to Tarawikh. Starting the first day of  Ramadhan I go straight to office after sending Hamim to Putrajaya Sentral and most of the time arrive home after break fast time. Too tired to move after that. often miss The Nanny because have to sleep early.

Yesterday my boss gave me a pile of cute office wear and most of it is from ZARA. Still look good and the reason she give it away is because she can't fit in it anymore ( I hope she won't forever find my blog ).
One of the dress is the dress that she wear on the first day I met her. She look good in it and I never notice she put on weight. Could it be she pity me because I always wear jeans to work?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Ramadhan Stories

It's Ramadhan so, selamat berpuasa semua.
Ya Allah, it's Ramadhan and I am burden with so many problem.
I am so sad but I do not know what to do. Byk bende either stuck halfway or can't be solve in the near future. So I'm pretty sure I will be in this condition quite some time. I'm trying hard to hide my feelings and not to drag anyone else in my problem.

The only good news in this month is my boyfriend is accepted to a government funded ERP - SAP training that cost around 22k for 2 month and for another 3 months he is allowed to choose a company for industial training programme.Training centre for this 2 months located at Phileo and also Kompleks Antarabangsa. He have to wake up at 5 am in the morning bersahur and have to go to Putrajaya Central to catch 6.30 bus to Bandar Utama before changing to another bus to Phileo. Next will be taking bus from Putrajaya Central to KL Sentral Monorail and have to take monorail to Raja Chulan which is near to Kompleks Antarabangsa. I am pretty sure you can guess what time he arrive in Putrajaya Sentral in the evening right? Earliest is 8 pm depending on traffic condition. So I am hoping that he will be in Cyberjaya for the 3 month industrial training.
I feel glad that he knows and aware that he will have good oppoturnity if he have this knowledge. At least I can spare myself from being accuse of destroying his life.

I am allowed to work early during fasting month and by go back 5pm in the evening. For the past few days i have been cooking my dinner, not really delicious but edible. I like veggie so much and my fridge is full of it. Once my friend told me, u eat veggie a lot but you are still not beautiful. Ya, I am not, but I am zillion time smarter than you and it is proven. Forgive me but I am not looking down on people but sorry I am just a normal human being, I hold grudge too. Back to dinner, yesterday I went to pasar ramadhan dengkil looking for lauk for my boyfriend dinner, something with gravy that i usually don't cook or do not know how to cook, but there is no stall selling lauk pauk, the best is ikan bakar or ayam panggang. So I end up buying roti John.

Eid next month fall on Friday. I will still be working on Thursday and will continue on Monday. I am allowed to take leave from the Tuesday till end of the week. But I think I will choose to work, travelling from Nilai to Cyberjaya, there's nothing for me to do at home during day, bonding session with family can be done night time. My family is so small, I am afraid I gonna bored/ annoy them if I am around too much.

There's nothing to expect on the month of October, except for I will be in training once again. My role required me to support RtP - SERP, so I'll be train to use basic SERP system. I hope they provide suffcient time for training. I face difficulty when trying to understand IQN for 2 weeks last time. I was in shocked stage and still trying to master this 3rd party tools.Sometime the user have better understanding than I am when it comes to certain issue.

I feel bad for not keeping in touch with my friends this few weeks. I have been texting them and some text back. Glad that I have the chance to talk to them and update stuffss. Hehe. Thanks to my phone for all this. I havent been using my laptop for few week for leisure. I am gonna start using it back again. At least 1 hour a day.

Next subject I will be taking is Accounting. I has been 3 - 4 years, I hope I still have the skill. I manage to get high mark for my accounting subject back when taking degree and please let me score high mark this time. I do not have any money to get professional cert so Master is the only way to get better salary.

On the first I joined futsal macth under Kelab Shell Cyberjaya. Was injured and the injury is leaving very big mark on my right leg. There are 4 group, T- System, HP, AT&T and Shell. So Tsys won because of goal difference. They don't even win us, but they train hard tho. Training 2 times a week for few month but still they cant win us?? Hua Hua Hua. Enough on futsal already.

It's almost 5. I gotta go prepare my food for buka puasa. Today is the 2nd day of buka puasa alone so I need to cheer up and yes, beside money, food can make me very happy.
Yeah!!!!!! I love you food!