Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Few last minutes before Oct start..

Tell me where will you be 1 year from now? What will you be doing at this hour 1 year later? 
Type of questions I can never have idea how to answer. I could probably be sleeping. Kan? Or maybe out having fun and feeling like 20? Boleh jadi. 
Or spending time with a baby ( or 2 ), praying for he/she/them to faster be asleep so I can go to sleep too. Y not. 
Whatever it is I know Im gonna be happy as long as Hamim is with me. 

So tell me, what makes you happy?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anniversary Trip - Krabi Thailand ( June 2014 ) - THE FOOD

I went crazy over Paad Thai and the Thai Pancake.
Hari2 makan ini!
Enjoy the pic!

Visiting Bangkok during the Coup

May 22th - May25th 2014

Arrived 11.30 pm on the day they announce that curfew ( which start at 9pm to 5am )
Only airport taxi was allowed on the road.
Had fun with Azra & Feruz!
enjoy the pic!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lil Cousin

My lil cousin during last Mother's Day celebration : 


Sibling ~ she look like me when i was liltle

Not so lil cousin

Startting to play

Guess what game :p

Hihi. Here pic of food and cake :

Opah in the middle : 

Hows was your mothers day celebration?

Dont forget to always smile whenever you can. Like this :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cameron Highland ~

May trip started in mid if the month as promised! We arrived Cameron at around 3 and it was 19celcius outside!

The apartment at Copthorne Cameron comes with 2 bedroom, each room attached with bathroom. 
Living hall is huge and the balcony is designed for large group of people. Suitable for bbq party. kitchen is only with microwave and fridge  ( fridge??? ) 
The balcony overlooking ladang tea ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Look at them flowerz! Picture outside the lobby after check in.

Strawbery picking session once we pindah masuk our barang. Thats me busy with life, concentrating on strawberry picking. Must not waste time. Its getting darker and it was only 1 night trip.

We have decide long ago to have steamboat dinner either outside or at the hotel. Malas aku nak bawak periuk karang kene cuci pastu nak mengangkut so no need.
So we opt for hotel steamboat since we have extra budget. It turns out to be a great decision coz the hotel served venison meat for their steamboat selection. Perfect for cold weather!
Sila lihat gambar.
 Enjoyed this at the lobby for a while after the steamboat. Then we walk back to apartment to relaxx

The plan to go karaoke was cancel for that night. Everyone is too full to go out. so we lit up aromatheraphy candles and watch TV at the apartment while enjoying the cool breeze sampai tertidur. Ok gedik. 

The next morning, we ladies went to find breakfast but end up having breakfast at Bala's Tea Room. Bala's Tea & Scone at RM16.50 comes with free flow of Cameron tea and a basket of scone with cream and jam :p We so feeling kaya that morning. 

Tapau breakfast for Hamim. Went back to change and and get back out again with our shopping bag before we started walking to Kea Farm. Tell you I bought pokok bunga and pokok cili. Bought lots of sayur for just rm10 ~

We request for late check out at 3pm. It was raining heavily that time and we hang at hotel lobby while enjoying tea. 
Drive out from hotel at 5 and had early nasi daun pisang dinner at Kumar Restaurant :p

We use Tapah for our journey back at 6pm and safely arrive at the Tapah Plaza Toll at 7 before arriving home 2 hours after.

Here the pic of my bunga panjat pagar and pokok cili after 1 week. I hope they will last longgggggggggg....

What did you do last weekend? Share with me your url and i will come visit :)