Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Xmas 2015: Koh Samui, Thailand

Currently a bit down but i'll just continue and see what happen later.
So I was in Thailand again end of last year. I went to Koh Samui with poms Azra. 
We went for 4D3N trip and yeah this time I spent around 900 including flight + accommodation.
We stayed at 5* Mercure Hotel in Chaweng thanks to Azra's voucher. tq poms!

First day of the trip was just travelling to the island itself. We were on flight, bus, taxi and van for 7 hours before arriving to hotel. We were hungry but still manage to drop by at tour agency to purchase Safari Tour for the next day and Koh Tao island tour for the day after. 
Again the 4th day is dedicated to journey going back home.

It was fun! Come see pic:

 tourist attraction place
 at granpa and gramma rocks
 naughty 5 yo elephant toddler
 black kitty at one of the park near hotel
chinese lady temple 

 Boots :)
 nutella banana thai pancake i love you
Nangyuan Island where I have to hike up to get this pic taken. 
Lucky i dint pass out.
 At our fav stall. its everywhere in the island!

Sept 2015 : The story of Redang, Kuala Terengganu and a disgusting bitch

Back in July15, I planned a trip to Redang and invited my usual group of friend to join.
And of course SengalianExt who consist of mak hitek, hakak and diva Sages wouldnt miss any chance to follow the famous Sabariah Ideris on vacay.
So we bought the tix separately following the date that I have selected, or did mak hitek bought it for the whole group? dont care.
Point is we took tix at 9-pm so we could visit KT for a while. my offer to anyone who wanted to follow us on island trip is still open up to the time I confirm package with any tour agent which is towards the end of Aug.
So another friend with another of her friend ( who turn out to be a bitch after this trip ) decided to join us. which I am okay with knowing SengalianExt is a group of friendly, respectful people and can mix with anyone.
And I have also made it clear the intention to separate when arriving back in KT on the 3rd day. I communicated this clearly so this bitches can decide what they want to do in KT or just simply buy a flight ticket early.

I know u read this coz you are such a stalker. And I know u get the idea already that I know you badmouthed MY FRIENDS and about this trip, to other ex-Puterian circle. So let me make it clear to you how you disgust me with your attitude. Enjoy bitch!

  1. This trip doesn't cost 800 per head. If it is 800, I might as well go for South Thai island trip! Perhaps it was because the extra thing you use at the island such as underwater camera make your 3D2N trip become 800. what an idiot?
  2. As for the underwater camera, I never remember you ask me to chip in. So why tell other people I do not want to share cost with you. And why would I want to rent underwater camera when I have my own underwater case? what an idiot.
  3. I offer you contacts of a rent car agent that you can use but you declined saying you wanted to save cost. And why buy 9pm tix flight if you dont have any plan? Idiot.
  4. You should feel lucky that the agent have rest area in the middle of KT for you to rest. and I actually should have just let you go to the airport at 2pm so you can suffer waiting for 9pm at the ever happening place in KT- the airport!
  5. Dont forget about the comment you and your friend have toward my friends and I. That we are RUDE for ditching you in KT. Read again from top and think with your stupid brain why it happened. If you still cant get it. Think harder! Btw nice try trying to tag along with us by acting dumb by asking where are we going next. Eat dirt bitch. I never regret not having you in the car.
  6. We ditch Sages at the resort surrounded by beautiful beaches??? First, let me tell you Sages is a grown lady. She know what she wants. She is not a cry baby who sulk when being left alone somewhere. Second, Sages has been with us ( she is my housemate for 4 years before i get married ) for a long time. And this island trip is not her first island trip with us. So again, think why she dint mind coming with us again and again despite being ditch.

Oh yeah, other thing that disgust me about you, now that you are no longer my friend so let me tell you:

  1. You came to my house back in May without informing. my husband an I were sick and we need rest that time. And I know for the fact that you just came back from a friend house in Sban. A friend who you went to BSB concert with the night before. You just love going to ppls house is it. That why you shamelessly invite yourself to my house, came in and sit on our sofa uninvited and dont even get the hint bila aku kata laki aku nak main game. So, adekah aku kene dok dalam bilik supaya ko leh lepak ruang tamu aku ngan laki aku ke betina? 
  2. You badmouted a friend that is currently staying with you saying how she is always sleeping, waste money when she go back sban every week and a lot more shit. I know u always make her pay for your expensive coffee and make her drive when she is sick. The one who waste money is you, and you tried covering your own house rental payment scandal with her money. In case you forgot, you blab too much I know your rent price and your unifi bill. And how you bullied her mentally when you were busy going out with all the jantan you met online.
  3. You tried ruining my friendship with this friend by telling me how bad she behave and by telling her how bad i treat you? In case you dont know. I too have known her for a very long time. Me and her never have issue before. We talked like an adult and tell you what some of the things we talked about was you. I am glad she opened up to me and share her story. She never badmouthed you, she share what happened to her. And guess what, i believe her.

So once I knew you bitch with ugly heart and ugly attitude have this comment about my friends and I, i have decided that you can go eat shit and die. All the stories about how bad you ex fam treated, how bad your office mate and senior treated you. I wont believe anymore. If really they treat you that bad then you deserve it due to your disgusting habit. 

Over all, Redang was beautiful 😘