Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cameron Highland ~

May trip started in mid if the month as promised! We arrived Cameron at around 3 and it was 19celcius outside!

The apartment at Copthorne Cameron comes with 2 bedroom, each room attached with bathroom. 
Living hall is huge and the balcony is designed for large group of people. Suitable for bbq party. kitchen is only with microwave and fridge  ( fridge??? ) 
The balcony overlooking ladang tea ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Look at them flowerz! Picture outside the lobby after check in.

Strawbery picking session once we pindah masuk our barang. Thats me busy with life, concentrating on strawberry picking. Must not waste time. Its getting darker and it was only 1 night trip.

We have decide long ago to have steamboat dinner either outside or at the hotel. Malas aku nak bawak periuk karang kene cuci pastu nak mengangkut so no need.
So we opt for hotel steamboat since we have extra budget. It turns out to be a great decision coz the hotel served venison meat for their steamboat selection. Perfect for cold weather!
Sila lihat gambar.
 Enjoyed this at the lobby for a while after the steamboat. Then we walk back to apartment to relaxx

The plan to go karaoke was cancel for that night. Everyone is too full to go out. so we lit up aromatheraphy candles and watch TV at the apartment while enjoying the cool breeze sampai tertidur. Ok gedik. 

The next morning, we ladies went to find breakfast but end up having breakfast at Bala's Tea Room. Bala's Tea & Scone at RM16.50 comes with free flow of Cameron tea and a basket of scone with cream and jam :p We so feeling kaya that morning. 

Tapau breakfast for Hamim. Went back to change and and get back out again with our shopping bag before we started walking to Kea Farm. Tell you I bought pokok bunga and pokok cili. Bought lots of sayur for just rm10 ~

We request for late check out at 3pm. It was raining heavily that time and we hang at hotel lobby while enjoying tea. 
Drive out from hotel at 5 and had early nasi daun pisang dinner at Kumar Restaurant :p

We use Tapah for our journey back at 6pm and safely arrive at the Tapah Plaza Toll at 7 before arriving home 2 hours after.

Here the pic of my bunga panjat pagar and pokok cili after 1 week. I hope they will last longgggggggggg....

What did you do last weekend? Share with me your url and i will come visit :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pulau Ketam

As promised, Pulau Ketam post. After around 20 mins of speed boat ride, rm10 per head, the first thing we did was renting bicycle. Only rm5 until 5pm.
After pusing2 less than 1 hour, we makan  at Kim Hoe Seafood restaurant, pork free restaurant. Cheap and fresh seafood. 

Local produced makanan kering. Beautiful ikan bilis, udang kering and ikan masin. Bought 100g of all for all makciks, own mother and opah for mothers day present.

We went back and arrived at jetty Pelabuhan Kelang at almost and it was too early for us to head home so we singgah garden to have tea at Garden shopping mall hihi

Lemon tart with merangue topping from Delectable by Sue. I love the combination of sour tangy lemon and the sweet sweet meringue. Please try when you have the time. 

Look out for mothers day post. Im gonna intro you to my lil cousin. 

Dont bother coming back if your intention is just to look for enjoyment when we are sad, because you will only see us smile here. 

Smile baby. You dont live alone in this world :p

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Important Important :)

Its was the second week of May when I start drafting this.
All I can say for this particular week is I hear less story about this unimportant human. 
I 'who-is-that?' back those people who mentioned this unimportant topic cause I do not want to waste my time talking about stuff that is not worthty of my attention. 
Now lets we all see what important things I have for the week.
Shutter for iphone is here! Now I can snap pic using the monopod with iphobe default cam.

Nani visit us to show off new laptop. Decided to show off my cooking skill and end up burning the chicken. But it still taste good :p
Cook this too. Have not been having this yet for this year. Dap dap! 

Ok then I cant wait to have this! Droolll....

I will also be updating about my Sunday quick trip which was toooooo Pulau Ketam!!!!! mih mih mih...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grownuply :p

Been experimenting and I think I can declare it a success. 
I can finally announce myself a grown up lady. By just handling people around me grownuply! The feeling is amazing! I actually feel that Im being upgraded to different class, I leveled UP.
No longer acting like a kid who clumsily jump into conclusion or easily blurt something I cant take back, or anything that will hurt or humiliate me in future. 
I feel so free and full of self respect. 
Here what I did these past few days.
    From hamim - by delectable treats by su
    Played Nerf with the little lady and kids

    Karaoke - ing with kids 

Also went for a movies, japanese lunch, groceries shopping and done kitchen cleaning.

Whats your stories? Let me know your url so I can stalk you :)