Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Birthday!

Last Sunday was my birthday.
Thank god it was study week too.
It will be soooo lame if i have to be in class from 9-5 on my birthday. haha.

For the first time in 8 week I woke up at 11.30.
Usually I will put the alarm 7am and wake up before 9 am.
Reason is Monday to Friday i start work @ 9 am, Saturday is my Wall Climbing Day @ putrajaya challenge Park, have to wake up early to wake up other personssss. And on Sunday is my MBA class!

Thank god again i have chance to continue and maybe finish MBA before I'm married and have children. I mean being married is still ok, but what if i have children (s?) I'm no bionic women you know. Different story if you don't have to work. But that never will happen to me ok. Not before I'm stable ( stable being husband can take care of me! hahaha!)

Back to my birthday story, after i wake up around 11.30, do laundry, cook lunch, have lunch, then i lazy around and play my favourite game The Sim 3. I have 2 children in this game, and I'm not working ( haha!) . All I do everyday is clean the toilet, make bed, cook, and garden, and sometimes i go to spa to get massage or do mani/pedi. Oh and if I'm short of money i'll paint. In this game i have 10 (the max!) painting skill, so i can finish up brilliant painting that price more 1000 ++ simoleon in just 2 hour!

Back to my birthday story again, at 6 we (hamim, aman hakim) went to The Curve to have dinner.
Meet up with ejat and decide to have dinner @ Marche Movenpick. I havent been to Marche for almost a year, i dint know they change exit. But before marche i went to Ikea to buy 6 new glass and another 2 plate for my house. I even bought Matta (Froggy) feeding set for Puteri.

Actually right now as i'm writing, there's 2 cleaner claning my house. Wonder if my house is too dirty. they started cleaning before 7 and still not finish. the time now is 10! I am very hungry!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kan bodoh. Kalau keta kau kene langga dari blakang, tapi kau plak kene marah!

Kan bodoh. Kalau kau igt kau special, tapi sebenarnya tak!

Kan ke kau tu bodoh?

kan kan.