Monday, December 28, 2009

My Angel

totally in love with this one when i was 15 16 & 17.
thx val joan this poem finally make sense to me.
totally applicable to me now.

I Thought I Saw An Angel,
I Didn’t Mean To Stare
I Had Them Pictured Differently,
Till I Saw You Standing There
You May Not Have A Halo,
But You Have That Certain Grace
I Can Tell That You’re An Angel,
From That Look There On Your Face

For Only Angels Shine That Way,
You Have This Heart Convinced
You May Not Have A Set Of Wings
But I Know You’re Heaven Sent
For Only God Would Send A Gift,
So Good And Sweet And Kind
Don’t Try To Tell Me Otherwise,
I’ll Never Change My Mind

You May Think That I Am Seeing Things,
But I See Through Eyes Of Love;
My Heart Is Convinced,
I Have Been Given A Gift,
You’re My Angel From Above


Morning! or afternoon.....

Just realize that i did not update my BEWARE! list.
Lots of my friend who have blogs too are not in the list.
i dont know what excuse i want to give but i will do it soon.

Ida's engagement was last Saturday 26 dec. i dint go, too tired after graveyard shift.
cant event walk properly. extreme tired tired tired.
sorry ya ida, will come for wedding definately!

should i engage? i dint go for most of my friends engagement.
lia&chi, ida&partner, jue&han, kaknor&husband, massy&wan, basha&mai (not invited)

maybe i'll just get married straight away.
budget kenduri, spent more on my dream butterfly ring!

Raja Pikor

Pikor means 'the other world' or in bahasa malaysia, 'dunia yang lain'.
So Raja Pikor means 'Raja kepada dunia yang lain' (King of the other world)
I love Dragon Ball comics. i love love love love dragon ball.

but why my post today is abt Raja Pikor the villain? why not abt Son Goku the hero?

let's just say it's simply because I am dreaming of the other world for me.
where I am the Queen
where all the attention is given to me
where all the love is for me
where all ppl wants to be friend with me.

Hahahahaha! oh enuf roslin enuf!

oh! had BBQ by the Pool today, it's potluck.

chicken marinated : ejat
satay : baby
lamb: hamim & baby
hot dog & coctail sosej : me
coke : ody & hamim
charcoal : apis

it's a very simple event by hamim&me. had fun swimming eating laughing barbecue-ing.
thx to all for coming. thx ejat&adik-adik, ody, apis&adik, baby&gelakterbangterbang.

what event is next? looking fwd for outing with farah and nani on new year!
please make it happen!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

which way should i go?

Igt tak the team outing yang i told u.. ok.. cancel because semua org tak nak pegi.
X mas tahun ni nice. last week jumaat g pavi nak bli hadiah for jue's wedding b4 that g tgk pokok xmas. sana ade snow every 8pm sampai 26 dec 2009. nice nice. haha.
the next day sabtu went to saloon buat rambut..haha first time i choose that color. ya whatever bila lagi u want to feel good abt yourself. the next day tu g jue's wedding and decide to cancel all plan. because everybody ade benda nak buat, not like me no friend and ada byk masa nak jalan2.
takde pic because i dont have camera that time. malas la.

Something sgt2 mengejut terjadi. 2 days ago. something happen to my friend. and it's because dia terlalu berharap sgt dgn lelaki itu. lelaki tu bersalah tapi jgn lupa my friend, kau salah juga. you must be very strong right now. congrats u did the right thing. u decide to face your problem, u told your parent. damn u are so lucky u still have someone to slapped you and make you come back to planet earth, come back to reality. i hope you realize right now that u r so very lucky. look what he did to you after what u've done for him.

I've decided. nak jadi very very strong. laugh kalau nak laugh. but i dont care anymore. i will try my very best to do it! will survive everything.

oh ya. hamim baru bangun, dia kata dia mimpi pergi perang. must be because that game yang dia beli semalam.

i want to go to work. i want to go to work. a lot of things for me to do there!
i'm crazy. bila kerja i want cuti, bila cuti i want kerja! roslin u r crap!
make me feel good. make me feel good.