Thursday, October 18, 2018


Thinking if I should share what i'm currently doing now.

Work is ...hard...tough...

I like dealing with all types of people...but after year 2 with the company.. i feel like i just cant deal with the same people.. same issue anymore..

i love my give super good benefit.. annual increase.. 23 days AL..16% epf from empoyer..unlimited medical claim for the whole fam.

but the issue.. the people.. same complain almost everyday..

i need new project! new things to learn.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Guess Who's Pregnant..again :P

As promised in my last post.

Our big surprise...

We are pregnant...again!

On week 19 now and belly like a small melon.

Monthly checkup still with Dr Kamaljit of Bangsar Women Specialist Centre - highly recommended.

Delivery next year still with Dr Hamidah of Hospital Putrajaya.

Pray for me coz I am still afraid of labor room.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Tuah's 1st Birthday

We celebrated 2x :)

During 3rd Hari Raya on the mid of June and end of the month on his actual birthday 27/6.

Ahhh from dating to married to married 5 yrs with no kid then suddenly you are expecting then poofff!!!! Baby is 1 year old.

Here are some of the pics and thank you all who celebrated with us. And also thank you all for your warm wishes.

And Im sorry I have been missing. Got a new job, breastfeeding, pumping and struggling to perfect my parenting skill.

Watch out for surprise on my next post hahaha!

Friday, September 8, 2017

August to Remember

Times like these won't last forever, so don't stop me from holding him.

Tuah is 2 months old end August. On 27th to be exact. Da pandai senyum, pandai ketawa dan bangun sekali je malam hari untuk menyusu dan kembali tidur sampai Subuh.

Roslin pula dah back to work on 21st, sangat awal dari standard confinement leave. Does that mean I don't love my child? I'm on a mission and I'm determine to complete it. And I'm doing it for him. 1st week of work dah kena visit plant and have to be away for 2 nights. Is my act of leaving him for 2 nights means I dont love him? Can you really imagine having to leave your newborn and be away for 3 whole day!

There are soul out there acting amaze on my sacrifice of leaving my child mencari rezeki menampung hidup sendiri. but deep inside just waiting for time to shoot me in the head and accuse me of willingness to abandon him for something else.

Yes, I have gone back to work.
Yes, I send my baby to day care.
Yes, I make mistake, lots of them.

But that doesnt mean I dont love my child.
I can't afford to make the same mistake I have done before putting myself same level as trash.
I HAVE to care for myself first before I can love and care for him.
Therefore, I have to be strong.

Give me 5 years I'll be better.

I know when I created this space, I wanted it for only happy thoughts to enter.
But who am I kidding?  You and I both know why I'm writing here.

I wish I have someone I can pour my heart out to. For now, it's just here and sing-a-long session while driving to work.

Friday, August 18, 2017

New Life & New Me

I will be back to work next week as working mother. And need to be away 2 days 1 night for site visit in the first week of working itself.

I know it's gonna be hard but I feel that I have never been so ready in my life.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cinta & Airmata

Orang kata kalau memang bukan rezeki kita, dah nganga nak suap nasik pun boleh jatuh.
Tapi kalau memang rezeki kita, tangguh lama mana pun akhirnya dapat juga.

Mungkin Tuhan nak ajar erti redha dan sabar.

Now only I know the meaning of 'kadangkala apa yg kita nak bukan yang terbaik untuk kita' & 'Tuhan datangkan sesuatu bila waktu kita memerlukan'

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, ajar lah aku untuk memaafkan.

ps: kenapa tajuk gitu.