Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Roslin

My heart has been broken to the extend that when they offer me money, I said NO.

I need the money (so bad) but I said NO.

and yes, it's still hurt. My heart.

*happy mother's day roslin*

still need to be saved

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Roslin @ Week 32

Her condition

*she is just celebrated her 31st birthday last 2 weeks (yeay?)

*she's heartbroken and again learnt another lesson the hard way, which is never to rely and on words of others and never to trust any promise made especially by 'that group' of people

*she start her bi-weekly check up this month. She likes both her docs (Dr Kamaljit of Bangsar Women Specialist Centre & Dr Hamidah of Hospital Putrajaya)

*her tummy is still consider small for someone who is in month 8, but her docs said that's not something to be worried about about (total weight gain so far, 6.1kg)

*she is consider healthy and her pregnancy has been easy so far (she need to be grateful and stop thinking about sad incident)

What needs to be done

*she needs to find money to buy car seat, a good one so baby T can ride home safely

*she needs to get rid of all the clothes in US UK size 2,4,6 (hoping to be able to wear back size 8) before the arrival of her new born

*she needs to really finish cleaning the house and getting all the painting done before puasa (which is in 2 weeks time)

*she need to start packing her hospital's bag.

*she need to follow up with confinement agency to settle the house tour before puasa or by 1st week of puasa

*she need to arrange the baby cot and all baby stuff so room will be ready to welcome baby T

What she CANNOT eat

*maggie, curry flavor

*ayam goreng McD

*super heavily spiced curry

.....cause of the burning sensation and pity baby T needs to endure it


She cant wait to see her baby but she still is sad due to recent incident.
She need a distraction. Go save her.