Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Gadget

Blogging using my new Vaio from Sony. Thanks to mother.
Previously I use iBook from Mac.
That's when I did my degree 5 years back.
It still can be use except that you have to have other screen to flash it out.
No laptop when doing A-Level. ha ha. memories.

I'm working and studying in the same time.
It important for me to attend to my email since we are communicating through email.
No time to meet as we have different working hours. My group mate worked as a flight attendant, bankers, IT specialist and most of them are married.
So I bought blackberry curve. You can just email me anytime and I will attend to it. haha.

Thank god that my working time is fixed now.
Monday to Friday 9-6.
Class on Sunday 9 -5.
I'll be free every Saturday FYI/FYA.

It's Earth Hour now. I swicth everything off except for laptop and ceiling fan.
Can consider me concern citizen of Earth : ) Proud of myself!

I'll be meeting Massy and Wan tomorrow for rock climbing session after class.
Can't wait!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aku orang yang memilih untuk berbuat baik.
Tapi sebenarnya aku tak tahu pun apa erti berbuat baik.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Come to think of it.
Birthday aku last year satu kek pun aku tak dapat.
nasib badan.
tahun ni kalau tak dapat gak bli sendiri je.
nak tiup lilin jugak tak kire.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I was inDamansara Height for Onboarding session today.
Here what's happen:

I woke up late today and i know that I might be late to report myself before 9 am and to grab parking at RM7 per entry or even grab any parking space at all.

So I drove to LRT Kelana Jaya reach there around 7.45am, park under a tree which i thought is fine and grab a taxi to office.

Reach at 8.20 pay 13.00 for fare and thank god that I'm not late like before ( i was late few minute late for assessment and late 30 minutes for final stage interview ) thank god again that they still offer me a position.

The session was fine, i remembered my first day in OCBC, fresh grad, zero knowledge abt real working life, met a bunch of new people which some of them I'm still friend with. Work for 1 year ++, met a lot of crazy friends and i know u reading my blog too! Ha!

Finish session at almost 6. I was raining heavily with lightning at that time. Thanking god again because i don't drive to office. Call cab wait 3 minutes and OTW to KJ. It took 30 minutes to get there and by the time I get to the LRT KJ the meter show 21.90! Fine whateve as long as I dont have to drive.

Rush to car, still raining heavily but no more lightning. Got in the car, start engine and turn on viper <<< wrong spelling rite.. dont care. I saw wet summon amt 100.00! damn! i dont even know what the reason is. Tix already wet!

Pasrah! Start driving heading Puchong. Took wrong turn, stuck in jam for almost 1 hour. But stuck again after paying sunway tol this time for another half an hour.Reach Bandar Puteri Puchong decide to pay car loan installment. Went out from the bank e-lobby and fell.
My head on the ground first.